Protect your Entire Payment Process

Complete Commerce is trusted by more than 1,400 customers across 50 countries
۶Ƶ’ Complete Commerce solution is a full-stack payment and network solution that enables enterprises to accept any transaction at terminals and online, connect POS terminals and retail stores with our managed network service solutions, and orchestrate payment transactions via our cloud-native platform.

Complete Commerce

Reduce Complexity

Simplify your payments and connectivity ecosystem by consolidating multiple vendors. Streamline operations with a fully managed solution that’s telco-agnostic, modular and adapts to your business.

Enhance Security

Help your business secure sensitive data and maintain compliance with the latest security standards across payments and network connectivity, including: PCI DSS, PCI P2PE and more.

Unify Business Insights

Make better business decisions with insights and real-time reporting. Our online portals give you total visibility – so you can get alerts, track device status and create custom reports.

Fully Managed, 24/7/365

We take care of every aspect of your payments and connectivity. Our fully managed service includes 24/7/365 proactive monitoring, an always-on help desk, zero-touch updates and seamless installation.

End-to-End Capabilities

A Complete Solution for Every Industry

Get the flexibility to adapt, scale, and innovate for your customers with our end-to-end ecosystem. 

۶Ƶ provides a fully integrated suite of managed service solutions, from payment terminals, global private network connectivity and payment processing.

Leading organizations in every sector including enterprise retailers, POS and ATM deployers, financial institutions and processors rely on ۶Ƶ’ complete solutions to accept, connect, and manage their payments and network environments. 

Complete Unattended Payment ۶Ƶ

Whether it’s self-service unattended, online, in-store or at the pump transactions, ۶Ƶ helps you accept and orchestrate any payments seamlessly – no matter how and when your customers want to pay.

For more than 30 years, leading parking, launderette, vending, transport and ticketing, petroleum and other self-service merchants have relied on ۶Ƶ to boost operational efficiency, ROI and customer satisfaction with our unattended payment solutions. 

Complete Fuel Payment ۶Ƶ

Eliminate fragmented payments and connectivity technologies with ۶Ƶ Complete Fuel Payment ۶Ƶ to support the demands of your business and your customers. 

No matter how many locations you have, or how your customers want to pay – our complete payments and connectivity solution makes it seamless.

Completely Transforming Payment Processing For Scheidt & Bachmann

Scheidt & Bachmann Fare Collection Systems provide 70% of the ticket vending machines (TVMs) across the UK and 100% of the TVMs across Ireland. Being responsible for around 7.6 million transactions per month, they needed a reliable supplier with a compliant, 24/7 system that could keep up with customer demand. That’s why they turned to ۶Ƶ.

Enterprises today are facing a multitude of challenges, including the changing landscape of consumer behavior, network resiliency and the need to keep up with regulatory and compliance requirements. 

“Additionally, the modernization of tech stacks and the shift towards using cloud-based solutions can create complexity and increase costs as business needs continue to evolve. Complete Commerce can help solve those pain points by bundling a range of services and providing a single partner with a unified view of business operations.”

John Tait, Global Managing Director of ۶Ƶ Payments Market

One Provider for Your Payments and Network Connectivity Needs

  • Expertise across payments and network connectivity DZܳپDzԲ
  • 30 years of global experience with local expertise
  • Processing 35 billion transactions per year
  • 100% agnostic – carrier agnostic, acquirer agnostic, partner agnostic
  • PCI-DSS Level 1 certified
  • Trusted by over 1,400 customers across 50 countries
  • Connected to 250+ partners in the payment ecosystem globally through our own ۶Ƶ network

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