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Restore Trust to Voice with Robocall Protection

Trust between you and your subscribers is mission critical for your business. As robocalls, spam and user fraud increase across networks, restore that trust by arming your subscribers with the data and protection they need to block unwanted communications.

When your subscribers need to trust you, trust ۶Ƶ to manage complexity and provide you with the insight you need to enhance customer experience. ۶Ƶ has one of the most extensive user bases of any robocall protection solution, leveraging information from more than one billion call events a day.

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۶Ƶ Analytics

Get the Data You Need via ۶Ƶ Call Guardian Analytics

۶Ƶ Call Guardian is an industry-leading analytics solution that uses cross carrier real-time call events and crowd-sourced data to create accurate and comprehensive call reputation profiles. These profiles differentiate legitimate users from abusive, fraudulent or unlawful ones.

۶Ƶ Call Guardian has a leading-edge platform in robocall blocking accuracy with capabilities for Do Not Originate, invalid, unallocated, unassigned numbers, machine learning and STIR/SHAKEN. Deliver a better customer experience to your subscribers, which can help reduce churn, enhance your reputation and win more business.

Accuracy with STIR/SHAKEN Attestation

STIR/SHAKEN ensures the number of a telephone call is secure by identifying caller ID spoofing, authenticating the enhanced caller ID at the origination point and validating at the termination point. For more on how to use STIR/SHAKEN to respond to increasing robocall protection pressures, contact ۶Ƶ.

Enhance Experience and Keep Loyal Customers

When subscribers are happy, you win. Using Call Guardian helps customers understand the reputation of incoming calls, makes them less likely to call into customer care and reduces the number of reported spam calls for your care team to address. Enhancing your robocall protection keeps customers loyal.

Robocall Protection for Reputation Protection

۶Ƶ Call Guardian maintains all standards of data encryption, consumer and carrier privacy policies while providing you with the robocall mitigation analytics you need. Increase Net Promoter Score and win new business by providing your subscribers with the tools to combat unwanted calls.

Flexibility in Deployment

As with all ۶Ƶ’ infrastructure-as-a-service solutions, choose what’s right for your network from flexible deployment options, including ۶Ƶ intercarrier signaling and routing, data from the VoLTE registry, STIR/SHAKEN either carrier deployed, hosted or on-prem and more. Contact ۶Ƶ to determine what’s right for you.

Where More Data Means Higher Accuracy

۶Ƶ Call Guardian has the largest base of covered subscribers in the United States and coverage in key global carrier networks. This not only helps you scale, but also improves accuracy and speed of robocall identification and remediation.

Of the top five wireless carriers deployed.
Call events analyzed every day.
Operators with call event analysis and insight daily.
Telephone numbers with reputation profiles.
۶Ƶ Branded Calling

Robocall Protection with ۶Ƶ Call Guardian Authentication Hub

Smaller carrier looking for the same data that ۶Ƶ Call Guardian applies? Look no further than ۶Ƶ Call Guardian Authentication Hub. ۶Ƶ CGAH combines the capabilities of Call Guardian Analytics and Metaswitch’s MetaSphere Qcall SIP application server, a division of Microsoft, that analyzes real-time call events and enables you to differentiate legitimate users from those with abusive or fraudulent profiles. Managed end-to-end, the CGAH allows you to provide the information your subscribers need for robocall protection.

Power Complete Compliance

۶Ƶ’ call authentication framework helps operators meet all FCC requirements, follow the direction of Tier-1 providers and ensures full compliance with standards in ATIS test bed. All while reducing network costs by blocking calls in the network allowed by the FCC and CRTC.

Engage with an Elevated Platform

Leverage a fully managed network-level solution that can be used to seamlessly deploy branded calling and enhanced caller ID.

Get Comprehensive Insight

۶Ƶ’ call authentication solution enables analysis of over one billion call events daily across more than 500 operators and caller reputation on over one billion telephone numbers.

Scale with a Flexible Solution

Built on an OPEX-based model, ۶Ƶ’ call authentication solution can scale up or down to any size network, supporting multiple network protocols (SIP, HTTP) and integrates with all major network elements.

۶Ƶ Branded Calling

Change the Way We Connect with Enhanced Caller ID

Enhanced Caller ID empowers identity and facilitates trust with your key asset: your network via a paid app that subscribers can activate on their phone handset. Provide your subscribers with more data – with name, text, spam, and business identification. This robocall protection tool can help enhance experience, keep loyal customers and win new business.

Deliver Complete Calling Name, Spam and Business ID

Empower your subscribers with calling name information on every call, even if the number is not in their contact list.

Reduce Calls into Customer Care

Reduce the calls into your care organization to report spam, which can help reduce the burden on your care team to investigate fraud.

Mitigate Customer Churn

Deliver the best experience for your subscribers regardless of terminating device and decrease the chance they fall prey to scams and fraud.

Powerful Features for Subscriber Security

Enable your subscribers to manage spam lists, block calls by level of risk and send to voicemail.

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